A contemporary flower bulbs garden

Creating a contemporary white garden with flower bulbs

Keys to Contemporary white garden with flower bulbsthe contemporary garden are the concepts of simplicity and balance. And no colour could be more compatible with these concepts than the ultimate in purity: white.

White-flowering bulbous plants: so many to choose from. Endless ribbons of white daffodils, a colour field full of white tulips, or a lawn sprinkled with white crocuses are examples of elements so useful in designing a simple yet striking contemporary garden.

Minimalism is key to the contemporary blue garden. Masses of a single variety are perfect for this kind of space with its crisp clean contours.
For low-growing varieties, consider the use of colour fields composed of Scilla siberica, edges of Iris reticulata, a river of Anemone blanda and masses of purple-blue crocuses. For container gardening,

Contemporary white garden with flower bulbs

choose grape hyacinths or hyacinths.

A stunning design will consider not only the harmony of colours, however, but the shapes of the flowers as well. The variety afforded by spring-flowering bulbs is so great that you should have absolutely no trouble at all in finding exactly what you want for your contemporary garden design.

Source: iBulb

Published: 06.08.2020

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